Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 M12 00881-6


  • ¥99,999
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The Leaf Light HS v2 M12 is the marine version of Kvaser’s popular Leaf Light v2 interface. This device provides a simple way of connecting a PC with a marine electronics system by means of its standard USB 2.0 connector and a NMEA compatible 5-pin connector.

The Leaf Light HS v2 M12 is ideal for diagnosing NMEA bus issues, configuring and flashing NMEA bus nodes, monitoring NMEA bus traffic and load conditions and stimulating or emulating NMEA nodes.

Please note: This product is not an NMEA 2000® Certified Product that complies with the NMEA’s current test procedures. ‘NMEA†in this context refers simply to the type of CAN connector used.